maandag 7 oktober 2013

Monday Runway: Elly

Elly is a huge black guy I saw at a party and I just couldn't not look at him. I just love the way he looks, it's inspirational. The baroque t-shirt that is a bit longer than his sweater, the golden accents like the watch and the zip of his sweater, it all matches perfectly.

Elly says: "My name is Elly, E-l-l-y." (Then he just turned around and walked away. I had to stalk him a bit to know what he was actually wearing, haha)

Skinny Zara | Vest Zara | T-shirt Zara | T-shirt H&M | Sneakers Nike Air Jordan | Watch Nixon |
Baroque Skirt Made by himself (Part of his collection 'Tchengele Boys')

Pictures by me.

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