maandag 30 september 2013

Monday Runway: Sara

Yessss, I did it: a girl! Sara looked so cute when she walked into the subway, smiling at an old lady's dog. Her shoes asked for my attention immediately, and she combined them with a sporty look, without being trashy. This deserved to be in the picture, I thought.

Sara says: "I actually bought these shoes yesterday! And they weren't expesnive at all!"

Sweater Jack and Jones | Backpack H&M | Jeans Zara | T-shirt Subdued | Shoes Subdued
Cap H&M

Pictures by me.

zondag 29 september 2013

Sunday Madness

Here I am again with my inspiration. I'm a true observer so every week I see new things that ispire me and help me to go on with creating and designs.

These Jeremy Scott Originals. This is not in my wishlist, because I don't see myself wearing them. But they're in this inspirational list, because it inspires me how much Jeremy just marked himself by putting wings on sneakers. Everyone recognizes this, I love that.

Men should really wear more leather.

I loves this because of the contrast between the grey ground and the colorfull icecream. This totally works for me in an outfit too, something sober, with a touch of color.

Don't be affraid of a bit nakedness.

I know it sounds weird, but I love tattered clothes. Holes in your panties, on the elbows of your sweater, and so on. It makes the garment alive. 

Is it just me, or is this just absolutely beautiful? Does she actually wear something underneath that dress? 
Do we even care?

I think is takes a lot of guts to put a statement on a garment. I'd like some of those guts, please.

I don't know from what runwayshow this picture comes from, unfortunately, but I love it. The belt, the fake blue fur, the bag with a chain and the printed t-shirt. Who made this? He's a genius.

I'm not from the streets at all, but I like to act like it sometimes. A see-through mesh top, camouflage print, chains, rings and huge watches, there'll always be that little touch of 'ghetto' in me.

donderdag 26 september 2013

Outfit: When good becomes bad and bad becomes good.

I got this sequin blazer from my mum, and I fell in love immediatly. I always love it to go to my room and to find a bunch of new clothes on my bed my mother bought for me, especially when it's a coat or jacket. Aaaand when they're are sequins on it! I also think tulbans and hairbands are very in this winter, I already got mine, from Sacha. I don't post a lot of outfits lately because I'm trying to get used to the way things roll at school, the projects, the tests, the courses, the deadlines and so on. I'm sooo sorry about that, once I get used to the rythm, I'll come back again, better than ever.

Sequin Blazer H&M | Hairband Sacha | V-neck Zara | Skirt Brandy Melville | Bag Zara | Boots Zara

Pictures by Alexis.

What I bought

Today I introduced my version of Brussels to a nice girl from my class. I showed her some vintage shops, the jumble sale and the Coffee Company, where you can eat cute cupcakes and drink the best Chai Tea Latte ever. Severine bought an amazing cropped sweater, with leopardprint (it kinda looked a bit like the last Kenzo collection), and a cute jeans jacket (I must admit I was a bit jealous about it, haha).
Calling this post 'what I bought' is not exactly the best way to discribe what's on these pictures. Don't worry, I didn't steal anything today, but you should know that the Brussels Jumble Sale is from 8am to 2pm and only at 4pm they come to clean the place. So in these 2 remaining hours, we (homeless and weird people) can get free stuff; things the stallholders couldn't sell that day.

What I bought (or got for free):

This Pied-de-poule cap. (I'm really into that print for the moment, so getting this for free is like a gift from heaven.)

These Vintage Adidas Superstars. I remember my boyfriend wanted them so badly in the summer, he bought them in Madrid. And now I just get those for free, he'll be jealous when he'll see them. They're not so fresh anymore, but I'm sure can do something with this.

This cute leather Apollo bag. I was fighting over this with a lady at the jamble sale. No joke.

These Oh-So-Cute Fly Earrings. I bought those, I didn't found them (yeez, that'd be cool), but they weren't expensive. I like them because they're simple, yet so special. 

Pictures by me.

dinsdag 24 september 2013

Wednesday's Wishlist

On today's wishlist you'll see a lot of black. Black is and will always be the easiest color to combine, to wear, to fit in. Black matches everything. Black is like a girl who can sleep with everyone, and we actually still like her, because she's nice. Black is the color, black is it.

Supreme is like Britney Spears, they did it again; An amazing collaboration with Basquiat Artworks. I want this shirt. My boyfriend can have the rest of the collection. Haha.

This Givenchy sweatshirt. Because Givenchy, because Sweatshirt aaaaand because Iridescent.

These Asics Gel Lyte III. The golden accents, the 'galaxy' effect on the sole. Everything about this sneaker is perfect.

I'm not a huge fan over fake nails, but these are an exception.

This Costumized Adidas Sweatshirt. If this isn't cool, then I don't know what 'cool' means.

These Purple New B's. An all black and white outfit, with a bit of jeans maybe, and then these shoes: Yes.

This Chanel Backpack, just to look ridiculously Fabulous.

A white/golden fixie, because this is the only bike I could ever possibly buy, if I had the money. Which unfortunately I don't have, so (unfortunately) I don't ride a bike.

These. If anyone could tell me what this is, where it comes from and where I can buy it; I'd love you.

maandag 23 september 2013

The Monday Runway: Arnaud

This month it seems only men are well dressed enough to be in the picture! I'll make sure next week it will be a girl, I promise. This nice looking guy is Arnaud, I met him at the introduction days at my school, he's in my class and he's really funny! Arnaud isn't afraid of wearing clothes he found in the women's section. If it's pretty and it fits, he'll buy it. He's also very lucky with his small feet, he can even wear women's shoes!

Arnaud says: "I'm thirsty, I need a new bag."

Leather Jacket Sandro | Skinny Zara | T-shirt Mango | Sneakers Isabel Marant | Bag Sandro

Pictures by me.

zondag 22 september 2013

Outfit: Freedom's never greater than it's owner

Today I'm wearing the hat and the cardigan I bought a week ago, maybe you've seen it here. It was a bit cold outside, so the cardigan and the boots were a very good idea. The hat and the boots give a little 'western'-touch, so I wanted to lighten up the outfit with the little scarf from my mother.

Pictures by Alexis.

zaterdag 21 september 2013

Sunday Madness

I can't deny the internet is my best friend. This week I found a lot of inspiration in prints.

 Marble Marble Marble Marble Marble Marble Marble

Black and white checkered print. 

Martin Margiela always has the greatest ideas.

Does anyone has some old barbiedolls left?

These guys are amazing. Their clothes, their attitude, their nonchalance. I admire them.

This couple from Tokyo.

This print on a t-shirt, I'd love it.