zondag 29 september 2013

Sunday Madness

Here I am again with my inspiration. I'm a true observer so every week I see new things that ispire me and help me to go on with creating and designs.

These Jeremy Scott Originals. This is not in my wishlist, because I don't see myself wearing them. But they're in this inspirational list, because it inspires me how much Jeremy just marked himself by putting wings on sneakers. Everyone recognizes this, I love that.

Men should really wear more leather.

I loves this because of the contrast between the grey ground and the colorfull icecream. This totally works for me in an outfit too, something sober, with a touch of color.

Don't be affraid of a bit nakedness.

I know it sounds weird, but I love tattered clothes. Holes in your panties, on the elbows of your sweater, and so on. It makes the garment alive. 

Is it just me, or is this just absolutely beautiful? Does she actually wear something underneath that dress? 
Do we even care?

I think is takes a lot of guts to put a statement on a garment. I'd like some of those guts, please.

I don't know from what runwayshow this picture comes from, unfortunately, but I love it. The belt, the fake blue fur, the bag with a chain and the printed t-shirt. Who made this? He's a genius.

I'm not from the streets at all, but I like to act like it sometimes. A see-through mesh top, camouflage print, chains, rings and huge watches, there'll always be that little touch of 'ghetto' in me.

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