dinsdag 10 september 2013

What I bought.

Today I went to this bookstore, called 'Pêle Mêle'. It's like a vintage shop, but for books, and no matter what your hobbies are, animals, science-fiction, music, theater or fashion, you'll always find something.

What I bought:

"Yves Saint Laurent", written by David Teboul. A book full of pictures of Yves working on his collections at his 'Maison de Couture' à Paris.

 These two books are a compilation of articles and pictures from Elle Magazine published in the sixties and the eighties, written by François Baudot and Jean Demachy. Now if this isn't a source of inspiration...

'Lancôme', by Jaqueline Demornex. In this little book you can see the evolution of beauty seen through the eyes of Armand Petitjean, the founder of Lancôme. On the back of the book there was this phrase: 
"France has a name for beauty: Lancôme". Now, please tell me, who wouldn't buy this book? 

Pictures by me.

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