dinsdag 24 september 2013

Wednesday's Wishlist

On today's wishlist you'll see a lot of black. Black is and will always be the easiest color to combine, to wear, to fit in. Black matches everything. Black is like a girl who can sleep with everyone, and we actually still like her, because she's nice. Black is the color, black is it.

Supreme is like Britney Spears, they did it again; An amazing collaboration with Basquiat Artworks. I want this shirt. My boyfriend can have the rest of the collection. Haha.

This Givenchy sweatshirt. Because Givenchy, because Sweatshirt aaaaand because Iridescent.

These Asics Gel Lyte III. The golden accents, the 'galaxy' effect on the sole. Everything about this sneaker is perfect.

I'm not a huge fan over fake nails, but these are an exception.

This Costumized Adidas Sweatshirt. If this isn't cool, then I don't know what 'cool' means.

These Purple New B's. An all black and white outfit, with a bit of jeans maybe, and then these shoes: Yes.

This Chanel Backpack, just to look ridiculously Fabulous.

A white/golden fixie, because this is the only bike I could ever possibly buy, if I had the money. Which unfortunately I don't have, so (unfortunately) I don't ride a bike.

These. If anyone could tell me what this is, where it comes from and where I can buy it; I'd love you.

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