maandag 9 september 2013

The Monday Runway: Esteban

So let me start with a little bit of an explanation.
Every monday, or every two weeks on monday, I'll make a Monday Runway post, which means I'll take the streets as a runway, and I'm going to photograph one of the 'mannequins'. This can be a friend of mine, or a total stranger. Just someone whos style I like. This week I'm starting with a man! Because for me, there's nothing more sexy than a well-dressed man, and I wanted to picture this one.
Yes, this very very cute guy is my boyfriend, Esteban.


Esteban says: "I'd rather be comfy than stylish, but I must admit I need to wake up anhour before I leave for school, since it takes so lang to put my hair right and to choose what I'm going to wear."

Shirt H&MVest ZaraPants H&M | Sneakers Superstars from Adidas Originals | 
Backpack Porshe Design x Adidas

Pictures made by me.

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