dinsdag 10 september 2013

Wednesday's Wishlist

In these computer ages, I must admit I sometimes fall in love, on the internet. Here are my crushes:

 These Silver Reeboks. I'm sure they fell straight from heaven.

 This Adidas Originals Sweater, which makes me wanna sin.

 I wish for all the clothes from Norse Projects for my man.

 This 150$ legging. It is a lot, but do you how hard it is to find the perfect legging?

 The New Balance x Invincible collaboration. It actually IS Invincible. And sadly also unfindable.

 These white creepers. One day I'll have them on my feet.

This pair is so limited, even Kanye West won't be able to have those. Let's all pray to the lord that maybe one day, Nike will have the bright idea to bring them back on the market.

These H&M Knee-high boots. I want them so bad, it almost hurts.

My birthday is on the 27th of december. Just sayin'.

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