dinsdag 17 september 2013

Outfit: Running wild.

I bought these amazing sneakers in Madrid, Spain, in july. They're like slippers to me, they're so comfortable! I like to wear them in a classic way, since they're very flashy. I wore them today with this white see-through shirt, this vintage high waisted jeans I got from my stepmother (Isn't she adorable?), and my favourite iridescent clutch.

See-through shirt Vintage | High Waisted Jeans Lee | Bra Marie Jo | Clutch Pimkie
Sneakers Nike Roshe Run

Like I already said before: see-through is always a good idea!
Pictures by Tomas.

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  1. Chouette tenue! J'aime trop aussi les tissus genre hologramiques, j'en ai utilisé pour faire des sacs :) J'ai vu que tu as été à Madrid, j'y pars en janvier pour un erasmus, je me demandais si par hasard t'avais pas des bons plans de logements, ou bons plans tout court ;) Bisous!
    Mon blog: http://the-singing-cat.blogspot.be