donderdag 26 september 2013

Outfit: When good becomes bad and bad becomes good.

I got this sequin blazer from my mum, and I fell in love immediatly. I always love it to go to my room and to find a bunch of new clothes on my bed my mother bought for me, especially when it's a coat or jacket. Aaaand when they're are sequins on it! I also think tulbans and hairbands are very in this winter, I already got mine, from Sacha. I don't post a lot of outfits lately because I'm trying to get used to the way things roll at school, the projects, the tests, the courses, the deadlines and so on. I'm sooo sorry about that, once I get used to the rythm, I'll come back again, better than ever.

Sequin Blazer H&M | Hairband Sacha | V-neck Zara | Skirt Brandy Melville | Bag Zara | Boots Zara

Pictures by Alexis.

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