vrijdag 13 september 2013

What I Bought.

Today was introduction day at my new school - Yay! It was very interesting, I already got my schedule for next week and apparently I have a lot of drawing classes, which is awesome because I love drawing!
I've met some nice people and we went for a coffee after the introduction. Afterworths we've been to Think Twice (T2), a cute little vintagestore where you can find some interesting sales at the end of every month (Check out their website here!). Today everything costs merely 3 euros! How could I resist?

What I bought:

This black litte hat from Xaloc, apparently a Spanish brand. I kinda loved the fact it looked almost new.

 This brown hat. There's no brand inside, but that's not important. I love the spherical shape, it gives the hat a little country-touch.

This crème knitted vest. I needed a vest like this one, and the brown hat I bought seems to match perfectly with it, that's an asset!

Pictures by me.

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