donderdag 19 september 2013

Outfit: I really can't stay.

I'm in a hat mood lately, because of this rainy weather. I don't like to put on a cap, so this is the only alternative. (Unless you wear an umbrella, but I'm the type of person who forgets her umbrella everywhere, so that's not an option..) The black jumper I'm wearing is so soft and warm, it's like wearing a blanket all day around you, love it. I'm also a big fan of the pied-de-poule print, which is very in this winter. The shoes I'm wearing are a (cheaper) reproduction of the ChloĆ© 'Savannah Boots' from Sacha, a shoebrand from the Netherlands. I love their merchandise, everytime I walk into that shop I want to buy something. (Check out their online store!)

Jumper Zara | Long-sleeved T-shirt H&M | Coat Mer du Nord | Bag Zara | Boots Sacha | Hat Vintage | Ring with marble Melano | Ring with white stone Twice as Nice


Pictures by Tomas.

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