donderdag 26 september 2013

What I bought

Today I introduced my version of Brussels to a nice girl from my class. I showed her some vintage shops, the jumble sale and the Coffee Company, where you can eat cute cupcakes and drink the best Chai Tea Latte ever. Severine bought an amazing cropped sweater, with leopardprint (it kinda looked a bit like the last Kenzo collection), and a cute jeans jacket (I must admit I was a bit jealous about it, haha).
Calling this post 'what I bought' is not exactly the best way to discribe what's on these pictures. Don't worry, I didn't steal anything today, but you should know that the Brussels Jumble Sale is from 8am to 2pm and only at 4pm they come to clean the place. So in these 2 remaining hours, we (homeless and weird people) can get free stuff; things the stallholders couldn't sell that day.

What I bought (or got for free):

This Pied-de-poule cap. (I'm really into that print for the moment, so getting this for free is like a gift from heaven.)

These Vintage Adidas Superstars. I remember my boyfriend wanted them so badly in the summer, he bought them in Madrid. And now I just get those for free, he'll be jealous when he'll see them. They're not so fresh anymore, but I'm sure can do something with this.

This cute leather Apollo bag. I was fighting over this with a lady at the jamble sale. No joke.

These Oh-So-Cute Fly Earrings. I bought those, I didn't found them (yeez, that'd be cool), but they weren't expensive. I like them because they're simple, yet so special. 

Pictures by me.

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