zondag 15 september 2013

The Weekend.

This weekend was very exhausting, but in a good way! Saturday night I went to Midnight Express with my friends, this party in Brussels. The concept was great, an amazing venue, a nailartist, hotdogs, and even a live performance from Omarion!! We stayed until 4 O'Clock, afterwords we went to McDonald's for a late night snack. Haha. Here are some pictures.

 The venue was beautiful!

Samir and Alexis, my sister. Aren't they handsome? 

Nailartist at work!

Deborah, a friend, and Alexis. 

The huuuuuuuge bar!

I don't drink alcohol, but I'd just put these bottles in my appartment because they look fabulous! 

Me with a green iridescent sequin dress from H&M I got from Tomas for my birthday last year.

Tomas (more about him tomorrow on the weekly Monday Runway!) and Alexis.

Me and my sister. We don't look the same at all.

Omarion dancing on the dancefloor! His Givenchy t-shirt matched his outfit so well, loved it. His performance was awesome, I love his music!

Tomas, Samir and me. Strike a pose, haha.

DJ Vinz (the one with the white t-shirt) from Fun Radio!


So I finally was in my bed around 5 o'clock, and had to wake up again at 8 o'clock, because me and my sister were going to the Textilefestival in Antwerp! It was a huge indoor market with fabrics from all shapes, colors and materials. It was very impressive, and it gave a lot of inspiration! To give you an idea of what it looked like, I took some pictures.

The entrance. Pretty impressive!

Buttons everywhere.

This was only 0,05% of the whole market.

Pied-de-poule! Chanel invented a print that works everytime, on every occasion. Love it!!

Animal prints, they stay cool every year, in every season.

A deer printed on fabric. I was already imagining all the amazing garments you could make with this.

And right after the market, I went back to Brussels because I had to work 6 more hours. You probably can imagine why this weekend was exhausting to me!! Now I'm going to sleep, tomorrow is my first day of school and I need to be there at 8 o'clock! Don't forget to look at the newest Monday Runway post tomorrow!

Lots of love!

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