zaterdag 14 september 2013

Outfit: And beyond.

The galaxy on my legs. This legging was an amazing gift from an amazing friend. Unfortunately we lost contact, I guess that's life. But this legging will make sure I never forget about him!
This picture is a one time event, because I never wear heels. Okay, sometimes I do, but then I try to keep them on my feet for more than an hour, and then I can't hold it anymore, haha. This doesn't withold me from buying them, esthetically I loooooove heels. It makes a woman look immediatly longer, smaller and sexyer.

Sweater New look | Legging BlackMilk Clothing | Platform Heels H&M | Clutch Vintage
Watch Bvlgari | Ring with marble Melano | Ring Twice as Nice | Earring New Look

Pictures taken by Tomas

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